1. Definitions
1.1 “SEDAL” or “SEDAL GROUP” or “Seller” means the following companies: KAIPING  SEDAL TAP COMPONENTS LTD CO, KAIPING CITY SEDAL TRADE LTD CO, KAIPING SEDAL ADVANCED TECHNICAL CERAMICS LTD CO, JIANGMEN SEDAL CETEC ADVANCED TECHNICAL CERAMICS LTD CO, which shall supply products and/or render services to the Customer in accordance with the Terms and Conditions herein.
1.1“赛道”或“赛道集团”或“卖方”是指以下公司:开平赛道龙头配件有限公司,开平市赛 道贸易有限公司,开平赛道精密陶瓷有限公司,江门赛特精密陶瓷有限公司 , 卖方必须 按照以下的条款和条件向客户提供产品或服务。
1.2 “Customer” or “Buyer” means the party which purchases products and/or services from SEDAL subject to the Terms and Conditions herein.
1.3 “Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions, all its appendices as well as        amendments or addenda that may subsequently be agreed upon in writing by the parties.
1.3“条款”是指这些条款和条件, 可能随后会被双方书面认同的所有附件以及修正案或附
1.4 “Products” means for the purpose of any Agreement all goods, parts, components and  services sold by Seller to Buyer.
1.5 “Quotation” means the offer made by Seller in relation to the supply of Products to Buyer.
1.6 “Order” means the Quotation agreed by the Customer in relation to the supply of Products by SEDAL to the Customer.
1.7 “Order Confirmation” means the written acceptance of the Order by SEDAL.
1.8 “Agreement” means the particular commercial relationship between the parties resulting   from the Buyer’s Order and the Seller’s Order Confirmation.
1.9 “Parties” means SEDAL and the Customer collectively.
1.9 “双方 ”是指赛道公司和客户。
1.10 “OEM” refers to those products that have been tailored according to the Buyer’s         requirements.
2. Scope
2.1 These Conditions govern all quotations, sales agreements, orders and deliveries of       Products from SEDAL to Customer. Any deviation on the Conditions are deemed to be void and invalid, unless timely and explicitly agreed between Parties in writing and signed by the Parties’ authorized representatives.
2.1 这些条款支配着赛道公司对客户的所有报价、销售协议、订单和产品的交货。除非 双方当事人书面及时和明确地签订合同并由双方授权代表签名,任何偏离本条款的行 为都会被认为是无效的。
2.2 An Order placed by Buyer to Seller shall always include a reference of the knowledge of these Terms and Conditions and shall therefore be deemed to constitute unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
2.2 买方向卖方下的订单应包括这些条款和条件的借鉴参考值,并应被视为无条件地接受 这些条款和条件。
3. Documentation
3.1 The dimensions, weight, performance and other characteristics of the Products provided for in the commercial documentation (e.g. brochures, website) of SEDAL are of indicative nature only and are not contractually binding. Technical requirements, drawings and any other technical information will be binding only if expressly indicated in the Order and accepted by SEDAL in the Order Confirmation.
3.1 赛道公司商业文档(如手册、网站)提供的尺寸、重量、性能和其他特征只是自然陈 述的,并不具备合同约束力。只有当赛道公司在订单确认中明确接受的情况下,技术要 求、图纸和其他技术资料才具有合同约束力。
3.2 Each Order shall specify: (i) quantities of the products ordered; (ii) price; (iii) desired shipment date; (iv) special shipping instructions, if any; and (v) if the product is tailored according to Buyer requirements (OEM), written confirmation of the drawings, quality certifications and technical requirements.
3.2 每个订单应详细说明:(i) 产品订购的数量;(ii)价格;(iii)所需的装运日期;(iv)所需的特 殊运输指引(如果有); (v)产品是否根据买方需求定制 (OEM),书面确认的图纸和质 量认证书以及技术要求。
4. Delivery and Risk
4.1 Delivery is subject to the International Commercial Terms ("INCO-Terms") of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) which are in force at the relevant dispatch date. Unless a specific other INCO-term and destination is agreed, deliveries are based on EXWorks at SEDAL’s designated site.
4.1 交货按照国际商会(ICC)的国际商业条款(“INCO-Terms”)在相关的发货日期生效。除 非有其他特定认同的国际商业条款和目的地,交货是基于赛道公司出厂指定的地点。
4.2 The loss or deterioration of the products occurred after the delivery to the Customer according to 4.1 shall not release the Customer of its corresponding obligation of payment to the Seller.
4.2 根据4.1 条款,货物发送给客户后如出现产品损失或质量变差的情况,客户不能拒 绝履行其付款给卖方的相应义务。
4.3 No more than ten (10) business days following receipt of each Order, SEDAL shall confirm in writing its confirmation (Order Confirmation) and shall advise Customer of the planned delivery date.
4.3 在收到每个订单不超过十个工作日内,赛道公司应当书面确认(订单确认) 并知会客户 计划交货的日期。
4.4 SEDAL will endeavour to deliver the Products at the planned shipment date stated in the Order Confirmation. Seller shall not be liable for any consequences caused, losses or damages suffered by the Customer as a result of any delay in delivery except in cases of wilful misconduct.
4.4 赛道公司将努力按照订单确认的计划装货日期交付产品。卖方概不负责任何除了因 为蓄意的违法行为外,由客户造成的产品损失或损坏,结果导致延迟交货的后果。
4.5 Any delay in delivery non attributable to the Seller's wilful misconduct shall not release the Buyer of its corresponding obligation of payment to the Seller.
4.5 任何非因卖方蓄意的违法行为而造成的交货延迟时,买方不能拒绝履行其付款给卖 方的相应义务。
4.6 The number of product units finally delivered to the Customer might vary from Order to deliver due to packaging restrictions (e.g. units per box, boxes per pallet) or any other cause non attributable to the Seller. In that case, the Seller shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations and will charge in the invoice only for the units finally delivered to Buyer and shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by the Buyer due to the number of products delivered.
4.6 从订单到交付,最终交付给客户的产品单位数量可能会由于包装限制或任何非卖方 的其他原因而有所不同 (如单位每箱,箱子每托盘)。在这种情况下,卖方应被视为已经履 行了其义务,并按照最后交付给买方的单位数量开发票收取费用,并不承担由于交付产品 的数量不同而造成买方的任何损害赔偿。
4.7 SEDAL is entitled to issue partial deliveries and invoices prior to the end of the delivery term and in a reasonable manner.
4.7 赛道公司有权以合理的方式在交付条款结束前知会部分交货和开出发票。
4.8 Should the delivery of the Products or any part thereof be postponed either at Buyer’s request or for any reason not attributable to Seller, Seller will be entitled to store the Products or any part thereof at Buyer’s risk and expense. The entitlement amounts to a maximum of 0,2% of the outstanding invoice amount for each outstanding week regarding warehouse costs, starting with the week after notification of readiness of delivery. Buyer discharges SEDAL of all liabilities incurred in connection with such storage.
4.8 如产品或其中任何部件的交付因买方要求或因任何责任不在卖方的原因被推迟, 因 买方存在的风险和费用,卖方将有权存放产品或其中任何部件。按照仓库成本,为每 个未偿贷款周未偿付票据金额的最大0.2%的补贴金额,从通知交货准备的一周后开始计 算,买家应免除赛道公司在这种情况下存货的所有责任。
4.9 If the Buyer does not notify the Seller of any defects discovered or any non conformity with the products due to a deviation of the Terms agreed in the Order and the Order Confirmation within the seven (7) calendar days after reception of the products as stated in 12.1, the delivery shall be understood as accepted by the Buyer.
4.9 在收到如12.1 所述产品的七个工作日内因为偏离订单和订单确认约定的条款,而买 方不通知卖方所发现的任何缺陷或任何不符合产品的要求,则卖方的交货应当被理解为 买方所接受。
5. Packaging
5.1 Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in written, the Products shall be packed and labelled in accordance with Seller’s usual standards for the transportation mode. Any modification agreed by the Parties of SEDAL’s packaging standards will be made at Buyer’s risk and expense.
5.1 除非双方另有书面约定,产品应当依照卖方运输模式的一般标准进行包装和贴标签。 赛道公司经双方同意修改的包装标准按照买方的风险和费用进行收费。
5.2 Seller might use returnable packaging elements owned by Seller, which will always remain the property of Seller, and shall be returned or collected in accordance with the instructions of Seller.
5.2 卖方可使用自己可回收的包装单元,这是卖方的永久财产,应当按照卖方的指引退还 或收集给卖方。
6. Price
6.1 Except in the event of provisions to the contrary included in the Order Confirmation, the prices for the Products specified in the Order Confirmation of SEDAL are fixed and firm.
6.1 除非出现与订单确认相反的规定, 赛道公司订单确认的产品价格是固定的。
6.2 Buyer shall have the right to cancel the Order within two (2) working days after reception of SEDAL’s Order Confirmation. This cancellation shall be send to the Seller in written form. After this period, the Order cannot be cancelled by the Customer in whole or in part, with or without cause, unless SEDAL’s written consent has been obtained. Otherwise, SEDAL is entitled to 100% of the purchase price for the cancelled Products as liquidated damages.
6.2 买方有权在收到赛道公司订单确认的两个工作日内取消订单。取消订单通知应以书 面形式发送给卖方。在此期限后, 除非取得赛道公司的书面同意,客户不能因故或无故 全部或部分取消订单。否则,赛道公司有权100%收取产品的购买价格作为取消产品订 单的违约赔偿金。
6.3 Unless otherwise stated in writing, all Quotations shall be valid for 30 days after the date of receipt and shall automatically expire thereafter if not confirmed by the Customer in writing within the aforementioned time frame. In any case, Order Confirmation in writing by Seller will be required for confirmation of acceptance of the Buyer’s Order.
6.3 除非另有书面规定, 报价在收到30 天内都有效, 客户如果没有在上述期限内书面确 认,则报价自动失效。在任何情况下,卖方应以书面形式确认订单以确保已收到买方的 订单。
6.4 Unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties, prices are quoted and invoiced in Renmimbi [RMB].
6.4 除非双方另有书面约定,价格的报价和开发票用人民币 (RMB)。
7. Payment
7.1 Payment of invoices shall be made: (i) in the invoiced currency; (ii) according to the payment method specified in the invoice; and (iii) not later than the due date specified in the invoice.
7.1 发票的支付应包括:(i)发票币种;(ii)根据发票指定的方法付款;(iii)支付日不迟于发票 指定的日期。
7.2 The customer is not entitled to make any deduction, set-off or withhold payment for any sum for any reason whatsoever. All payments are to be made exempt from charges.
7.2 客户无权以任何借口作出任何扣除,抵消或拒绝支付任何款项。所有的付款都是不能 记账的。
7.3 Early payment shall not result in the granting of any deduction in the price by SEDAL. No payment shall be deemed to have been received until SEDAL has received cleared funds.
7.3 给赛道公司的早期付款不能扣减,除非赛道公司已收到清算资金,否则会认为没有 收到付款。
7.4 If Buyer does not comply with its obligations under these Conditions, including but not limited to the payment of the purchase price, it shall promptly be deemed to be legally in default, without any notice and without legal action being required. In that case: (i) Seller shall be entitled to suspend its obligations under these Conditions including but not limited to suspending the provision of Products without relieving Buyer from its obligations and (ii) all amounts and interests payable by Buyer shall become immediately due to Seller.
7.4 如果买方不遵守这些条款的义务,包括但不限于购买价款的支付,会被及时认为是法 律上违约,卖方无需任何通知和采取法律行动。在这种情况下:(i)卖方有权暂停履行这些 条款的义务,包括但不限于暂停提供产品,追究买方义务和(ii) 买方所有欠下的金额和 利息应当立即支付给卖方。
7.5 In the event of late payment by Buyer, Seller has the right to charge an interest of one and a half per cent (1,5 %) per month or, if higher, the statutory interest under the laws of the country of residence of Seller over the outstanding amount.
7.5 如果买方逾期付款,卖方有权每月收取1. 5%的利息,或卖方所在国法律规定的法定 利息高于债务总额则可以收取更高的利息。
8. Title
8.1 Notwithstanding delivery and passing of the risk, and prevailing over the applicable INCO-term, the ownership of the Products shall be retained by Seller and shall only be transferred to Buyer when Buyer has fully complied its obligation of payment of the price.
8.1 尽管货物的交付和传递有风险,按照流行适用的国际商业条款,产品的所有权应当由 卖方保留, 只有当买家充分履行其价格支付的义务时才向买方转移。
8.2 In the case Buyer is in default in complying with any obligations arising from these Conditions or any sales related agreement between Seller and Buyer, Seller shall have the right at all times to obtain possession of the Products in which title has been reserved according to 8.1 above, wherever they are located, without prejudice to Seller's right to compensation from Buyer in connection with Buyer's default. Transportation and insurance costs to Seller’s facilities shall be at Buyer’s expense.
8.2 在买方不履行遵守这些条款的任何义务或卖方与买方之间任何销售的相关协议而引 起问题的情况下,卖方有权在任何时候获得产品所有权,根据以上8.1 条款保留所有权, 无论产品在哪里,都不影响因买方未履行责任,卖方向买方索取赔偿的权利。卖方设 施的运输和保险费用应当计算在在买方的费用内。
9. Intellectual Property
9.1 The Customer shall not acquire any right or title to trademarks, design, patents or any other intellectual property rights in the Products, unless explicitly agreed between Parties in writing and signed by Parties’ authorized representatives.
9.1 除非双方以书面形式明确协议并由双方的授权代表签名,客户不得获取商标、设 计、专利的任何权利或所有权以及产品其他任何的知识产权。
9.2 Buyer shall indemnify and keep indemnified Seller against all claims, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses incurred by or for which Seller may become liable as a direct or indirect result of carrying out of any work required to be done on or to the Products in accordance with the specifications of Buyer involving any infringement or alleged infringement of any intellectual or industrial property rights vested in any third party.
9.2 按照买方的规范要求涉及任何第三方名下知识产权或工业产权的侵权或涉嫌侵权, 卖方可能因为直接或间接执行任何需要完成的工作或产品而承担责任,在这种情况 下,买方应使卖方免于所有索赔、债务、成本、损失和发生费用的处罚。
9.3 Buyer will be the sole responsible for any claims, liabilities, costs, damages and expenses it may incur involving any infringement or alleged infringement of any intellectual or industrial property rights vested in any third party due to the commercialization of the products that have been tailored according to the Buyer’s requirements (OEM).
9.3 因根据买家的要求(OEM) 定制产品的商业化问题,任何第三方名下涉嫌任何知识产 权或工业产权的任何侵权或涉嫌侵权行为时,买方是唯一有权负责进行任何索赔、债 务、成本和费用等活动的。
10. Warranty
10.1 Subject to Buyer complying with all the Conditions, SEDAL hereby warrants the Products to be free from defects in materials and manufacturing under normal use and handling for a period of two (2) years from the date of delivery. This warranty shall apply insofar as the Products have been installed, used and maintained in compliance with SEDAL’s specifications for installation and use. Damages resulting from inappropriate or improper use, faulty installation, faulty or negligent treatment, as far as any other that is not Seller’s fault, are the sole responsibility of the Buyer. Seller gives no other guarantees with respect to the Products, neither express nor implied.
10.1 买方必须服从遵守所有的条件,赛道公司在此保证产品在正常使用和操作情况下, 从交货日期开始两年内原材料和制造过程是没有任何缺陷的。本保修适用于符合赛道 公司的安装和使用规范流程的产品安装、使用和维护。因不恰当或不正确的使用、错 误的安装,错误或疏忽的处理方法而造成产品损坏的、只要不是卖家错误的,买方应承 担唯一的责任。在这种情况下,卖家不提供其他有关产品直接或间接的担保。
10.2 For Products resold as is, Seller’s warranty is strictly limited to the terms granted to Seller by its suppliers.
10.2 对于产品的再出售,卖方的保修是严格局限于供应商授予卖方的条款。
10.3 The Buyer shall notify the Seller in writing of the defects within seven (7) calendar days after the defects are discovered. Buyer shall thoroughly describe the problem and provide Seller with all the required information in order to facilitate the diagnostic of the defect. At Seller’s request, Buyer shall provide Seller with access to its facilities to analyse the defective products or send samples of the defective product to Seller.
10.3 在发现产品缺陷后,买方应在七个工作日内书面通知卖方。买方应详细描述存在 的问题并向卖方提供所有需要的信息以方便诊断产品的缺陷。在卖方要求下,买方应向 卖方提供可得到的设施以分析不良品或把不良品的样品发送给卖方。
10.4 The Buyer must retain the Products at its premises unless requested by the Seller to return the products to Seller. If the evaluation reveals a defect in the Products, Seller will either repair or replace the defective products at Seller’s expense, including transportation costs for defective and repaired or replaced products. Warranty is provided for the repaired or replaced products with a time limit until the end of the warranty period of the original delivery item. The property of the defective products shall pass to SEDAL upon delivery of the repaired or replaced products.
10.4 除非卖方要求其返还产品,买方必须保留产品作为前提。如果评估显示出产品有 缺陷的,卖方将自费修理或更换有缺陷的产品,包括维修或更换有缺陷产品的运输成本。 维修或更换的产品将提供一个保修期限直到原始交付项目的保修期结束为止。有缺陷 产品的所有权应当在交付维修或更换的产品时交给赛道公司。
11. Liabilities
11.1 SEDAL’s total aggregate liabilities arising or in connection with any Agreement with the Buyer, for any cause whatsoever and regardless of the form of action, whether in contract or tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall be limited to the price of the Order giving rise to the claim.
11.1 因赛道公司的总负债引起或与买主有关的任何协议,无论任何原因,任何形式的行动, 无论是合同或是侵权行为(包括过失)或另外方式,应当局限于订单价格内而产生的索 赔。
11.2 To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, SEDAL shall not be, in any case whatsoever, liable for indirect damages, such as (i) loss of production; or (ii) loss of business; or (iii) loss of profits; or (iv) loss of savings; or (v) any special, indirect, consequential, incidental or pure economic loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses of whatsoever kind of nature arising out or in connection with any Agreement between the parties regarding the products.
11.2 在适用法律许可的最大程度下,赛道公司不会在以下任何情况下承担间接损失,如(i) 生产损失;或(ii)经营亏损;或(iii)利润损失;或(iv) 储蓄损失;或(v)任何特殊的、间接的、附 带的、后果性的或纯经济损失、成本、损失、费用或开支,无论什么类型的自然引起或 与双方有关产品的任何协议有关联的。
12. Force Majeure
12.1 SEDAL shall not be in default or under any liability to the Buyer if the performance of any of its obligations under any Agreement between the parties is partly or wholly delayed or prevented by reason of “Force Majeure”.
12.1 如因“不可抗力”原因,双方之间的协议责任部分或全部被推迟或阻止,赛道公司 不得违约并对买方负任何责任。
12.2 “Force Majeure” shall mean an event unpredictable, unavoidable and beyond the reasonable control of SEDAL including, without limitation, storms, earthquakes, floods, fires, acts of war (declared or undeclared), governmental restraints, embargo, acts of terrorism, hacker attack, computer virus infection, epidemics, civil commotion, disturbances in supply from normally reliable sources (including without limitation electricity, gas, water, fuel or telecommunications), strike (either at SEDAL or its suppliers or subcontractors) or restraints or delays affecting carriers, suppliers or subcontractors facing a case of “Force Majeure” as defined herein.
12.2“不可抗力”指一个事件不可预测,不可避免和超出赛道公司能够合理控制能力范围 之内,包括,但不限于,风暴、地震、洪水、火灾、战争行为(宣战或未宣战)、政府限 制、禁运、恐怖主义行为、黑客攻击、计算机病毒感染、疫情、内乱,干扰正常的,供 应可靠的来源(包括但不限于水、电、煤气、燃料或电信)、罢工(无论是赛道公司或其 供应商或分包商的),限制或延迟影响运营商、供应商或分包商的活动,这都可以定义 为“不可抗力”。
12.3 In case of “Force Majeure”, SEDAL shall give promptly notice of the event to the Customer and the time schedule for the performance of the Agreement shall be automatically extended by the period of time as reasonably necessary for SEDAL to overcome the consequences of such event.
12.3 在不可抗力的情况下,赛道公司应当及时通知客户,履行协议的时间表应自动延长 到赛道公司能够克服此类事件所带来后果的合理必要时间为止。
12.4 If the performance in whole or part of any SEDAL’s obligation is delayed or prevented by reason of “Force Majeure” for a period exceeding three (3) months from the date of the notice given pursuant to the preceding clause, then either Party shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement in respect of the underperformed part of these Terms and Conditions. Neither Party shall incur any liability to the other Party as a result of termination pursuant to clause

12. However, “Force Majeure” shall not prevent or delay the payment of any sum due or to be
due by either Party.
12.4 如果依照前款规定发出书面通知超过三个月,任何赛道公司的部分或者全部义务是 因“不可抗力”被推迟或阻止,那么任何一方有权终止关于这些条款和条件不如理想的 部分协议。双方都不用对另一方承担任何责任,依照第12 条条款终止。然而,“不可抗 力”不应阻碍或延迟任何一方任何应付或即将支付款项的支付行为。
13. Termination
13.1 Any Agreement between Seller and Buyer may be terminated by a Party if the other is in breach of any of its obligations according to the present Terms and Conditions and the breaching Party fails to remedy such breach within 60 days after the non-defaulting Party has in writing notified the defaulting Party of such breach.
13.1 根据目前的条款和条件,如果有一方违反其任何义务,在守约方书面通知违约方的 违约事件后,违约方未能在60 天之内采取措施补救这样的违约,则卖方与买方之间的 任何协议可以被单方终止。
13.2 In particular, any Agreement may be terminated if any of the following events occurs: 
(i)if the Customer fails to make a payment of any sum for a period of more than 30 days after the same has become due; or (ii) the Customer goes into liquidation or becomes bankrupt; or (iii) the Customer suspends, or threatens to suspend, payment of any sum under the Agreement, even if it has not become due, or is reasonably deemed to be insolvent or unable to pay all or any of the sum under the Agreement.
13.2 在特定的情况下, 如果有任何下列事件发生,任何协议都可能被终止:(i)如果客户到 期超过30 天后未能支付任何款项;或(ii)客户停业整顿或破产;或(iii)客户暂停,或即将要 暂停根据协议要支付的任何金额,即使没有到期,或者是合理地认为是资不抵债或根据协 议无力支付全部或任何金额。
14. Assignment
14.1 The assignment of Buyer’s rights and / or transfer of Buyer’s liabilities under these Terms and Conditions is not allowed without the written consent of SEDAL’s authorised representatives.
14.1 在这些条款和条件下,没有赛道公司授权代表的书面同意,买方权利的分配和买方 责任的转移是不允许的。
15. Entire Agreement and Partial Invalidity
15.1 These Terms and Conditions embody the entire terms and conditions between the Customer and SEDAL relating to the matter hereof and supersedes all prior Agreements or Conditions set between the parties and any contradictory stipulation but not future Agreements, including the Buyer’s own Terms and Conditions, correspondences, understanding and arrangements (if any) between the Parties with respect to such matters referred to herein, whether written or oral. 
15.1 这些条款和条件体现客户和赛道公司的完整条款和条件之间有关规定关系到的有 关主题,并可以代替所有双方以前的协议或条件,任何自相矛盾的规定都不能作为未 来的协议,包括买方本身的条款和条件,来往函件, 双方无论是书面或口头的有关事务的 谅解和约定(如果有的话)。
15.2 If any provision of the present Terms and Conditions is held by any competent authority to be wholly or partly illegal or invalid, the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions and the remainder of such provision shall continue in full force and effect.
15.2 如果目前条款和条件的任何规定是由任何主管机关裁定是完全或部分非法或无效 的, 这些条款和条件的其余规定和这样规定的其余部分将继续有充分的效力和效果。
16. Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes
16.1 The parties expressly declare that any dispute resulting from the application of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws in force in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) with express exclusion of the Vienna Convention for the International Sales of Goods of 1980.
16.1 双方明确声明任何由这些条款和条件的应用所引起的争端受中华人民共和国(PRC) 有效的法律和1980 国际货物销售的维也纳公约管理。
16.2 The parties expressly declare that any dispute resulting from the application of any Agreement regarding the supply of Products shall be settled At the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC).
16.2 双方明确声明有关产品供应的任何协议应用所引起的任何争端应由中国国际经济 贸易仲裁委员会(CIETAC)来解决。